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Top 10 Best Battlefield 4 Guns

Battlefield 4 is considered as prominent star in FPS shooting game hall of fame. Its prequel Battlefield 3 was the most beautiful game when I played it at its launch. Likewise with new frostbite engine Battlefield 4 continued its role as one of the most graphically awesome game. It is never all about the graphics when we rate any game, a blocky graphical game can sell millions of copies too(no offense “Minecraft”).

Gameplay is something gamers demand from developers. EA has always been criticized in terms of too much paid content. Battlefield also have many paid DLCs but comparatively it is worthy to spend your money in a game like Battlefield 4. I have spent hours playing the multiplayer because it is the most fun thing of the game. There are variety of maps, vehicles, weapons and other thing available in the game. Today I will enlist top 10 best battlefield 4 guns down below.

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top 10 best battlefield 4 guns

Top 10 best battlefield 4 guns:

10) Bulldog:


This weapon have good damage and RPM of 700. Much better damage than a typical assault rifle. If you are able to shoot on head then this weapon is very lethal and will kill the enemy in no time. But there are some aspects which holds this weapon on 10th position of my top 10 best battlefield 4 guns. Firstly recoil is very hard to control and 20 round magazine with slow reloading makes it problematic sometimes.

9) Saiga 12k:

top 10 best battlefield 4 guns

Shotguns are always lethal when fighting in a close quarter. The only thing which makes shotgun a hassle sometime is the reload and fire rate. But this gun is not an ordinary shotgun having awesome fire rate and rapid reload you can kill people very quickly. You can move and kill with this gun very easily mobility of this gun is good compared to others. But like any other shotgun it deals very less damage on a mid to long range shooting.

8) MPX:

top 10 best battlefield 4 guns

Before some updates this gun was ridiculously monstrous having very high rate of fire and good damage. This gun was unbeatable in close combat it has been nerfed now. Still you can count it as a very handy weapon and still it holds 8th position in my top 10 best battlefield 4 guns.

7) AK 5C:

top 10 best battlefield 4 guns

This gun can be used in every situation. It have all rounded stats therefore whenever you are unsure what to use pick this gun. It have relatively easy recoil and average RPM of 700 which makes it a good carbine with decent damage.

6) SRR-61:

top 10 best battlefield 4 guns

As every sniper rifle this gun can perform like a demon. Mastering sniper rifle requires a lot of effort especially when dealing with bullet drop effect. On very long distances it can be really frustrating to make a headshot but with this rifle it will be comparatively easier. Many veteran players use this sniper rifle, a single shot to head will confirm a kill in every range. There are some downfalls like reload speed, small mag and rate of fire. But sniper rifles are never meant for close range combats. With good accuracy and insane damage this rifle falls on number 6 in my top 10 best battlefield 4 guns.

5) M249:

top 10 best battlefield 4 guns

This weapon is bit controversial as there are many good LMGs in the game. But M249 exceeds some other weapons because of a good damage. With the RPM of 800 and decent mag of 200 you will become a walking disaster in every range. If you are able to get a good position and angle the bipod will help you tear enemies apart in no time.

4) AEK 971:

top 10 best battlefield 4 guns

It is time for 4th weapon in my list of top 10 best battlefield 4 guns. So I’ll just make sure AEK 971 gets good position. If I had written this article before the updates AEK 971 might get higher position. With good rate of fire and pretty awesome damage you can conquer the battlefield in no time. This weapon used to be good in close and medium range combat. It has been nerfed now which makes it only suitable for close quarters. Recoil and reload speed makes it difficult on mid to long range but if you can master this gun trust me 100 kills is nothing.

3) ACW-R:

top 10 best battlefield 4 guns

It’s a carbine with 880 RPM having fast reload and good good aim. Any player can perform well with this gun try practicing the recoil which is very manageable. After that you will become unstoppable in close to mid range combats.
ACW-R can be a good friend for new players that is why it holds one of the first three position in this top 10 best battlefield 4 guns article.

2) M416:

top 10 best battlefield 4 guns

Without any doubt this weapon is one of the best battlefield 4 weapon I have ever used. With the RPM of 750 and good damage. You can easily top the scoreboard because of very easy recoil pattern and fast aiming gun. Reload time is also excellent, any skill level player can dominate with this weapon. Still it is not  at first position in top 10 best battlefield 4 guns.

1) ACE 23:

top 10 best battlefield 4 guns

It consist of every quality that is present in M416. It is the most used weapon in Battlefield 4 and many users will agree with me with that. The bit increased rate of fire and some more bullets in mag makes it a top notch weapon to dominate the battlefield. As the name clarifies you can ace with ACE 23(I’m fun at parties) and without any further delay I would officially announce ACE 23 as the best weapon in my top 10 best battlefield 4 guns.


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