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Top 10 Best Battlefield 4 Maps

Three years have passed still, Battlefield 4 is still going strong as one of , if not the leading first-person shooter on the market. A massive launch that completely dominated a lot of players lose hope but a number of free guns, DLCs , battlepacks and maps have shown that DICE really care about making the Battlefield 4 work. It is not long before Battlefield 1 has arrived, it’s pretty crazy to think they can improve on Battlefield 4 , but it will have even better graphics, more destruction and more fun. As a final salute to the Battlefield 4 is this the best maps in the game (including DLCs ) ! Below is the list of Top 10 best Battlefield 4 maps.

Top 10 best Battlefield 4 maps:

Top 10 best Battlefield 4 maps

10) Propoganda:

Top 10 best Battlefield 4 maps

This is a large map that is included in Dragon Teeth DLC . It is located in North Korea , you’re in the middle of a deserted city filled with repetitive structures and lots of government propaganda . The map contains huge infantry choke – points, some totally destructible targets , a moving train , and an overall great map to play on every play.

9) Hammerhead:

Top 10 best Battlefield 4 maps

The Final Stand DLC was met with mixed reviews , on the one hand it was a hugely engrossing DLC that brought us into the futuristic version of game with the introduction of the hover tank. On the other hand, the maps are not so well designed and infantry fighting were scarce. It would have to be named as  Hammerhead because it has really good infantry and vehicle combat.

8)Siege of Shangai:

Top 10 best Battlefield 4 maps

Debut map used in the beta is one of the most famous maps in the game. It has a huge skyscraper in the center of the map as a major objective for infantry combat , producing some epic moments when you’re trying to score points with an attack or helicopter transport . The large amount of flanking routes, choke – points , vehicles and destructible terrain makes this map full of incredible way to get around on the map , whether you play infantry and vehicle warfare.

7) Operation Mortar:

Top 10 best Battlefield 4 maps

Operation Mortar is a very beautiful map that has a large island in the middle , and several small islands surrounding it. The beauty of this map creates a tremendous amount of immersion and is a really fun, especially in Carrier Assault game mode. It has a large underground complex that is amazing for close quarter combat infantry but boats and even helicopters can come in, which makes it even more amazing ! This is one of the best map in my Top 10 best Battlefield 4 maps.

6) Paracel Storm:

Top 10 best Battlefield 4 maps

The moment the storm rolling in on this map is one of the memorable first experience of any first-person shooter on the market today. It begins as a fairly normal island map, with targets and fight as usual. What really makes this map so great is when the storm rolls in and map completely changes. Calm lake becomes monstrous, long-distance warfare becomes more difficult, vehicles have a harder time detecting and take out the enemies, this map is a true Battlefield experience.

5) Operation Outbreak:

Top 10 best Battlefield 4 maps

Battlefield fans have called for a jungle map for a long time and DICE finally delivered it. Although there is a large map, it is mostly focused on the infantry side of the game that makes it really fun. There is no reason for vehicle users to be disappointed because there are several vehicles available to you too! It is a beautiful map with great gameplay to suit all styles. Map is extremely good to play on that is why it is on my list of Top 10 best Battlefield 4 maps.

4) Golmund Railway:

Top 10 best Battlefield 4 maps

This map is more biased towards vehicle warfare. Featuring open land to fight on and having variety of vehicles to use. There are small towns too in the map for infantry combat. This map really works fine in almost every situation.

3) Caspian Border:

Top 10 best Battlefield 4 maps

The classic old Battlefield 3 map returns with the Second Assault DLC. A well designed, good looking and fun to play map. Featuring many destructibles so you can experience real battlefield environment. This map is an all rounder designed for infantry, vehicles and every kind of warfare. Without any doubt this map must be at top three in my Top 10 best Battlefield 4 maps.

2) Silk Road:

Top 10 best Battlefield 4 maps

Silk Road is a map that accompanies China Rising DLC and has met with many positive reviews and player feedback . The map is a large-scale map desert with little military bases around , focuses largely on the vehicle warfare, but there are some aspects of infantry combat too. Overall it is a good balance. It is without doubt the perfect map to conquer the game mode and also perfect for running people over or get jihad jeep kills. Surely it stand at 2nd on my Top 10 Best Battlefield 4 Maps list.

1) Operation Metro:

Top 10 best Battlefield 4 maps

Another great map to get out of the Second Assault DLC. Operation Metro was a large map before but had shortcomings, the new Metro a different story. Some parts of the roof are now more destructible flanks have been added and the addition of the lift was welcome. 3200 tickets, 64 players servers is less of a ” lying and bipod combo” and more of a fast-paced, objective-based combat. The vast majority of the map is CQB which makes it very attractive for those who just want a quick, infantry-based combat. This is certainly the best map in my list of Top 10 best Battlefield 4 maps.


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