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Top 10 Best Crysis 2 Mods

Crysis 2 is a sci-fi fps shooter game full with alien technology action and awesome combat. Game is well designed and provides hardcore experience for demanding fps gamers. Once you have completed still you can squeeze some more fun out of it by applying mods. There are numerous mods available for game online, I will enlist Top 10 best Crysis 2 mods in random order.

Top 10 best Crysis 2 mods

Top 10 best Crysis 2 mods:

  1. Lost World Returns:

    Top 10 best Crysis 2 mods
    A Japanese ship is stranded in a mysterious old Island having creatures and stuff which will make u scream in every way possible. Say hello to ancient world and try to solve the mysteries dumped in this island full of ancient creatures. This Mod is way too much fun and best thing is mixture of new tech with ancient times. It was on top at out Top 10 Best Crysis 2 Mods list.

  2. Crysis Revival by rGOT:

    Top 10 best Crysis 2 mods
    Every Crysis 2 player started his/her journey with old school Crysis 1 which was one of the best fps shooter game ever made. People are real fan of the old crysis, this mod serves to reboot the game feel like Crysis 1 but maintaining all the new graphical features of Crysis 2. Includes 3 levels and full stunning environment to spent some time playing with your weapons. It was on 2nd at our Top 10 Best Crysis 2 Mods list.

  3. BlackFire’s Mod 2:

    Top 10 best Crysis 2 mods
    Crysis 2 is a beauty in term of visuals and jaw dropping graphics with DX11 it is just remarkable to watch but some gamers want to exceed everything. Try this mod which will turn smoky Crysis 2 into full sunny and clear game. Enhancing the lightning to maximum and applying vivid colors and detailed shadows. This Mod will bring a significant difference how the game looks and I totally recommend it.

  4. Codename Cryforce mod:

    Top 10 best Crysis 2 mods
    This mod will make you play another side of Crysis 1, where you will get to play as alien in a hostile planet. You can now feel the Ceph destiny at a mothership full of crew in the deep crio-dream. Now you are the only hope of survival for your crew. You will send a sos message to homeland and it all takes place in the time when the war begun.

  5. Crysis 2 Battle: New York:

    Top 10 best Crysis 2 mods
    This mod changes many things what most of the gamers wanted. If you want a whole new combat experience try this mod it will change many things. Ammunition, weapons and body damage is altered with an environment having more realistic destruction.

  6. Crysis 2 and the Chepter Machines:

    Top 10 best Crysis 2 mods
    This mod will introduce a challenging experience having alternate story and content fulfilling the hunger of demanding veterans. This mod will add much more in tactical field of game. Use your brain power to max and conquer the sci-fi combat with this awesome mod.

  7. Predator: A Crysis 2 Modification:

    Top 10 best Crysis 2 mods
    This mod is one of the best mod, it will combine Predator universe and Crysis 2 together and make an atmosphere so intense that you may cry. Bringing all the movie scary experience to your fingertips. Must use this mod, really worth a try.

  8. The ProtoSuit MK1 and the Shadowsuit:

    Top 10 best Crysis 2 mods
    This mod is all about a new protosuit found in ruins of Aztec. It provides enhanced strength and nano glass like armor mode that will make you invincible for few seconds. No matter how great the damage is you will stay invincible for a short time. However it will deplete energy fast enough so you won’t be able to use cloak.

  9. Operation Metal Storm:

    Top 10 best Crysis 2 mods
    This mod is about a whole new story, there is a war around the globe fighting for a newly discovered energy resource. Storyline is great and there is a whole new adventure waiting for you out there give this mod a try and you won’t regret. It was on 9th at our Top 10 Best Crysis 2 Mods list.

  10. Last Day Zombie Island:

    Top 10 best Crysis 2 mods
    As the title says, this mod will take you to a small island having villages and very intelligent NPCs which are zombies. You need to survive the Island crawling with zombies. Maps and all the greenery is re-done, you must play this mod if u like zombies and stuff. It was on 10th at our Top 10 Best Crysis 2 Mods list.

That was all on Top 10 Best Crysis 2 Mods. Share your thoughts in comments.

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