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Top 10 Best Dota 2 Carry Heroes

top-10-best-dota-2-carry-heroesThere is no such thing as best hero in Dota because winning a match depends on variety of things. Hero draft is very crucial when it comes to winning the game but honestly you can’t specify best heroes which will make you win. Carry hero holds a critical role of carrying the team in late game. I will enlist Top 10 best dota 2 carry heroes down below in no proper order, the selection of heroes was made by analyzing most picked carries by pros in huge tournaments. The trend keeps on getting changed with every update valve makes to game. You’ll get a good estimation what heroes are most preferred by pro players.

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Top 10 Best Dota 2 Carry Heroes

10) Anti Mage  Top 10 best dota 2 carry heroes

There isn’t much to say about hero but it has been one of the most trusted heroes in every kind of situation. Many pro players stick to AM, No matter what changes are made to meta you will probably see in Anti mage as a game saver in every tournament.

9) Terrorblade  Top 10 best dota 2 carry heroes

The split push and farming capability of this hero is indeed very good, after the 6.86 update many pro players started to pick terrorblade. Once terrorblade is farmed with radiance it won’t be an easy task to bring him down. The ultimate of this hero is also a game changer.

8) Spectre  Top 10 best dota 2 carry heroes

Desolate and Dispersion has made this hero a very good farmer and reliable in ganks. Spectre becomes very tanky and produces disastrous outcome in late game. It was majorly picked before 6.85 and after the latest update still pro players go with spectre.

7) Naga Siren  Top 10 best dota 2 carry heroes

Naga Siren can be summed up as a good team support hero but packed with good items, Siren can dow wonders. The split push is very irritating and the ability to clone herself makes her a good farmer too. The ultimate also re-designs the whole gank and can also be used to escape away. When nothing works you can always switch to rat dota.

6) Ember Spirit  Top 10 best dota 2 carry heroes

Imba spirit or may I say Ember Spirit? One of the most contested hero in pro tournaments. You will usually see ember getting picked or banned. It is picked as carry or mid due to many reasons and most of the time pros go 2x or 3x divine with ember spirit. Making it chuck Norris of the game only if you are confident enough.

5) Alchemist  Top 10 best dota 2 carry heroes

Man I hate chemistry, but this Alchemist will brew something you’ll love! Once you are good farmed up and buckled up with a quick radiance. You’ll do wonders with Alchemist, one of the most contested hero. Many players try to get their hands on with an alchemist holding mjolnir. Keep looking at my best dota 2 carry heroes list.

4) Shadow Fiend

Shadow fiend can give insane amount of damage to enemy team in ganks and farming ability is also insane. This hero can make your comeback if supported well at some stages. Making it very good mid hero or main carry and there is a reason why this hero is in my list of top 10 best dota 2 carry heroes.

3) Phantom Lancer  Top 10 best dota 2 carry heroes

Phantom Lancer is a good farming and early game split push hero, It is not that good in team fights compared to other carries but still many pro team depends on PL for so many reasons and that’s why you can see it picked many time in tournaments.

2) Gyrocopter  Top 10 best dota 2 carry heroes

Gyrocopter has been nerfed recently but still the area damage and targeting ability of this hero makes it one of the most preferred carries. He can farm really good and can change the outcomes of a gank with good timing and placement. It is not actually this high on my list, as I said earlier my top 10 best dota 2 carry heroes list is in no proper order.

1) Queen of Pain  Top 10 best dota 2 carry heroes

QOP is a very good hero when it comes to damage and effectiveness, you can farm really good with qop and its blinking ability makes it very durable in early and late stages of game. You can farm up with eye and linkin to become one of the most annoying hard to kill hero. Qop has been nerfed but still the ratio of Qop picks has remained almost constant due to many factors. It is at top on my best dota 2 carry heroes list.

That was all on best Dota 2 carry heroes. Do let me know your thoughts in comment section below.

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