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Top 10 Best Far Cry 4 Weapons

Top 10 Best Far Cry 4 Weapons.Far Cry 4 is an open-world adventure, action and FPS video game which is developed and published by Ubisoft. There are a variety of weapons available in the game. The way and arrangement for weapons are very similar to Far Cry 3. And today I’m going to write about Top 10 Best Far Cry 4 Weapons.

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Top 10 Best Far Cry 4 Weapons List

10.) Crossbow

Top 10 Best Far Cry 4 Weapons

The Auto Crossbow is one my favorite weapon in the game Far Cry 4. This weapon is silent and accordingly a very viable weapon for stealth. It’s also powerful, as well as good for killing enemies with a single shot to the chest or head, although it needs 2 shot to torso thereafter into the game. It is at 10th on my Top 10 Best Far Cry 4 Weapons list.

9.) M-79

Top 10 Best Far Cry 4 Weapons

The M-79 becomes accessible after finishing the last Convoy mission in Act 1 or else at the starting of Act 2. Being a violent weapon, it can destroy a vehicle in one hit. Just like the IED, the M-79’s ammo depends upon on the number of Grenades you carry (which depends upon on the difficulty of game you are playing on). No enemies hold this weapon.

8.) A99

Top 10 Best Far Cry 4 Weapons

The design of this weapon is based on the Swedish Intratec Tec-9. This weapon is one of the last weapons to unlock. A99 is classified as a handgun in the game (sidearm and letting the weapon be fired from any vehicle as well as a zip line) and uses pistol ammo, hence it burns throughout its ammo supply very rapidly. Therefore, it is suggested to totally upgrade your ammo supplies. Formerly a total ammo of 145 rounds can be carried.



It is a sub-machine gun. The BZ19 will become free after shutting down the 14 Radio Towers. This gun is used by the Privateers, especially the Chargers. The BZ19 is not available for purchase or can be acquired otherwise, as far as the Southern Island is reached. It is at 7th on Top 10 Best Far Cry 4 Weapons list.

6.) MG42

Top 10 Best Far Cry 4 Weapons

It is a light machine gun. It was used by Fascist Germany/National Socialist during World War II, hence the MGs found in Kyrat are most probably imported. This weapon is unlocked after finishing the Payback mission.

5.) L-1018

Top 10 Best Far Cry 4 Weapons

It is a rocket launcher. The L-1018 is acquired after completing all four Longinus missions and is given by Longinus himself. The rocket it fires is gradual and quite easy for enemies to dodge, but can be handled when positioning down the launcher’s scope. Keep looking at my best weapons in Far Cry 4 list.

4.) SPA-12


The SPA-12 can be acquired through the major quest line progress. It should be noted that, though it has a greater fire rate than other shotguns, it still takes a lot of time to reload fully. Thorough, it is an excellent choice if the player needs a shotgun in their armory. The extended magazine and the reflex are recommended.

3.) SA.50

Top 10 Best Far Cry 4 Weapons

It is a sniper rifle. This is the last sniper rifle to be unlocked in the game. It ties with the Z93 as the most strongest non-signature sniper rifle in Far Cry 4. It is statistics are approximately identical to the Z93, however, the SA-50 is semi-automatic instead of bolt-action, giving it a more high rate of fire.

2.) Recurve Bow

Top 10 Best Far Cry 4 Weapons

It is a weapon in Far Cry 3 and Far Cry 4. In Far Cry 3, it kills any enemy (except heavy and huge animals) with a single arrow. And in Far Cry 4, enemies can be bulletproof and may need multiple shots to the body. The Recurve Bow is able of killing enemies quietly using a variety of arrows at medium and long distances. It was at 2nd on my Top 10 Best Far Cry 4 Weapons list.

1.) M-79

Top 10 Best Far Cry 4 Weapons M-79

This weapon appears in FC 4 as a sidearm, one-shot grenade launcher, available from the trading panel as well as a dab back many Armed Escort missions. M-79 has a one round magazine space after all can have above of 50 grenades with a totally enhanced Heavy Ammo Bag. It was at the top on my Top 10 Best Far Cry 4 Weapons list.

That was all on Top 10 Best Far Cry 4 Weapons. Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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