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Top 10 Best GTA 5 Missions

top 10 best gta 5 missionsGTA 5 is a game that needs no introduction developed by rockstar and has sold more than a million copies successfully since it first releases back in 2013. A though the map fell quite small but still is perfectly scaled. Its story mode only has 63 missions. The mod The Red house adds ten more missions but here I will be making of the best GTA 5 missions.

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Here are the Top 10 Best GTA 5 Missions List.

10.Father / Son

Father Son gta 5

One of the  craziest MISSION in GTA 5 is father-son. It happens when jimmy tries to sell Michael’s boat and the gangsters kidnaped the boat with him onboard. Frank and mike both rescue him with a tough time.

9. Prologue

Prologue gta 5

The first mission in GTA 5 made itself in my best GTA 5 missions because it’s full of violence. it takes place when Michael and Trevor both rob a bank but its ending gets horrible. Micheal fakes his death brad died and Trevor escapes. This mission is not much long but it makes a perfect opening for GTA 5 and awesome GTA 5 missions.

8.The Jewel Store Job

The Jewel Store Job Gta 5

After the taking down martin Mondragon house Michael and Lester plan to pull a small job to make enough for paying him back. Not hard but interesting, fits perfect in my top ten GTA 5 mission list.

7.Trevor Philips Industries

Trevor Philips Industries Gta 5


Again a mission full of violence is on the list. This mission sets in the desserts of sandy shores when the Trevor and his buddy chef meets two chines contractors. In Trevor’s meth lab he puts them in ice and takes care of the gangsters which attack them. This mission is a pretty good time to get used to Trevor’s  special skills.

6.Nervous Ron

Nervous Ron Gta 5

After picking up a sniper rifle from ammunition first Trevor performs some assertions on the ground and taking down a helicopter afterward. Trevor and Ron get in an aircraft piloted by Ron and Trevor killing the bikes by hanging on one of its wings. After cleaning the runway you are then able to get into the plane then delivering the package being care full not be detected near the military air base by flying low. It doesn’t end here you have to race Ron at the end.

5. The Blitz Play

The Blitz Play Gta 5

Again this mission is an assignment from Fbi and all Therese character plays their role. They take down a truck and then Plan goes wrong where cops gave a surprise entry. Micheal and Franklin both Fight from the front side and Trevor handle snipers on the roofs and on the ground.

4.Lamar Down

Lamar Down Gta 5

In this mission franklins, best friend Lamar gets kidnapped by some gangsters Franklin asks Mikal and Trevor for help and then they kick the gangster’s ass together.

3.Minor TurbulenceMinor Turbulence gta 5


This is mission individually performed by Trevor Philips. After franklin comes to Michaels house and couldn’t found him Trevor catches a plane and crash it into a marry whether jet. It is at 3rd on my Top 10 Best GTA 5 Missions list.

2.The Paleto ScoreThe Paleto Score Gta 5

Are things getting crazy here ? Nope. The Paleto is a small town with nothing special in it until you reach there. On order of FBI, you are ordered to heist a bank. It looks simple but doesn’t forget that its GTA.When you heist the back completely you Mickel and the hired gunman get out of the bank fully armed and you will see be welcomed by hundreds of cops.

While you switch between Michael and Trevor the hype becomes real as the army also join the cops. Here Franklin enters with a digger and you are ready to go.

1.The Big Score

The Big Score Gta 5

This is the Ultimate mission for Money, Gunfight, and strategy. There are a lot of switches required to Complete the mission. You have to escape the Union Depository trucks then enter it wipe out all the gold not worth of millions but billions. In the open fight at the end, you are free to switch between all three but there is only one purpose and that Killing. This fits the best in my best GTA 5 missions lists.

That was all on Top 10 Best GTA 5 Missions. Let me know your thoughts in comments below.

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