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Top 10 Best Gta 5 Mods

top 10 facts about GTA 5GTA 5 had been a great game since its release but still after release it was missing some of the features which were filled by onward released patches. But we are PC Master Race and are not satisfied with the basic game only. Here are mods come in to fulfill our appetite for something more. GTA V as other games got a number of mods but here I am counting down The Top 10 Best Gta 5 Mods.

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Here is the list of The Top 10 Best Gta 5 Mods

10.The Army Spawns at Five Stars

The Top 10 Best Gta 5 Mods

In the history of GTA series the best part is fighting with cops as the wanted level stars increase, first the police come afterward swat, then FIB come in but the best part is when army come in. In GTA this part is missing and many people felt this. Now With this mod army will come to hunt you down but you will hunt them ( that’s the story in GTA) 😛

Where to download The Army Spawns at Five Stars ?

You can click the link here to download the mod.

9.Vehicle cannon

The Top 10 Best Gta 5 Mods

Are you a GTA  player? Then shooting cars and vehicles is very normal to you. And you hate when you are shooting a car and run out ammo. This will definitely help you. This mod changes the bullets fired from your gun into  automobiles. You will be thinking that this mod is crazy but do not forget that you are a GTA player.

Where to download Vehicle cannon GTA mod?

You can go to this link if you are looking for a place to download this mod.

8.Back to the Future

The Top 10 Best Gta 5 Mods

Here the things get a bit more realistic ( According to GTA). You would have loved a time machine in this game. Now you can use every car in the game as a time machine once you reach 88 miles an hour. But does the fun ends here No you can actually enter the date and time where you want to travel to.

Where to download GTA Back to the Future mod ?

You can this mod by clicking here….

7.Working Restaurants

The Top 10 Best Gta 5 Mods

You see many buildings and restrooms in GTA but these are all only building though there are functioning building but there are no restaurants in them. This Mod will add a total of nine restaurants spread across the whole Los Santos. This restores your health and clocks the time by half an hour. Keep looking at my Top 10 Best Gta 5 Mods list.

Want to download Gta 5 Working Restaurants script?

You can head here to download this awesome mod by clicking the link here.

6.Custom Number Plate

The Top 10 Best Gta 5 Mods

We all love the Badass cars in GTA five. You can customize the cars according to your will but you can not change the number plate by default. But This mod will allow doing so you can change the text written on number plates.

Click Here to download the GTA custom number plate

5.Car Jetpacks

The Top 10 Best Gta 5 Mods

Cars? You love them! High-speed cars? They are love! But flying cars? You kidding me -_- ? No, I AM SERIOUS THIS MOD CAN MAKE YUOR CAR FLY WITH jetpacks.

You can fly your car by clicking here.

4.Mobile Radio

The Top 10 Best Gta 5 Mods

Sometimes you may drive a long way only cause radio had your favorite song but thing mod you will be able to listen to the radio with your mobile phone.

To listen to the radio on your phone click here.

3.SinglePlayer Snow

The Top 10 Best Gta 5 Mods

One of the thing missing in GTA is the seasons. There are no seasons. You might know that in Assassins Creed 3 there is winter season but now you can also enjoy snow in GTA 5 with this mod. keep looking at my Top 10 Best Gta 5 Mods list.

Enjoy the snow by installing this mod.

2.Railroad engineer

The Top 10 Best Gta 5 Mods


In GTA San Andres all we had to do was to follow the train (remember?!!) . But  in GTA time changed game changed but the trains haven’t changed a bit but this mode you finally do everything you ever wanted. Drive trains, catch them and crash them. It was at 2nd on my Top 10 Best Gta 5 Mods list.

Crash the trains by clicking here.

1.Ped Chaos scriptThe Top 10 Best Gta 5 Mods


Killing is love in GTA 5…Right? But killing innocents makes you emotional(sometimes ?) but not more because with mode every citizen will be armed with weapons. this will make your gameplay more interesting. It was at the top on my Top 10 Best Gta 5 Mods list.

Fight  justly by downloading this mod here.

That was all on my Top 10 Best Gta 5 Mods list.

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