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Top 10 Best Need for Speed Games

There are plenty of racing games available in market but none of them is more famous than Need for Speed. EA started their classic series with a great success and with passage of time they released more titles. I really had a great experience racing with my friends on weekends. Here is a list of Top 10 best Need for Speed games in no specific order. You may agree or disagree with me here and it’s all right because everything depends on personal preference.

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Top 10 best Need for Speed games:

Top 10 best Need for Speed games

10) Need for Speed World:

Top 10 best Need for Speed games

This game was so awesome. The game can be downloaded now for free. But there are some cars which needs to be purchased but it doesn’t matter you can still play. You will get to discover lots of places and the campaign is also very fun to play. It stand on 10th at my Top 10 best Need for Speed games list.

9) Need for Speed Hot Pursuit 2:

Top 10 best Need for Speed games

Whenever I thought about this game the very first thing that comes into my mind is music. Man! the soundtracks were so awesome with a touch of 2000’s era it made the gameplay very fun to play. NFS Hot Pursuit 2 is so fun in many way and one of the reason is cops chase. It’s not like old dumb AI car following you the chase is real fun. Another thing which I liked was the handling of the game which was exceptional it felt so good to drift. Gameplay becomes very challenging with time which has its own fun.

8) Need for Speed Undercover:

Top 10 best Need for Speed games

This game have almost everything you might be looking in a pure street racing game. You feel like one man army having insane customizations options. Other games are just like changing colors and tuning but this game offers true personalization. It’s a mixture of Hot Pursuit and World, if you are looking for street racing experience look no more!

7)Need for Speed The Run:

Top 10 best Need for Speed games

Experience the life-like looking game with epic single player mode. This game was sick with awesome campaign featuring a long race indulged in crime events. Too many cars to use and so much fun to beat down opponents. At some points of game you will also get to control your character outside the car. Intense gameplay with gorgeous environment will make your run for life way better than you expect.

6) Need for Speed Most Wanted (2012):

Top 10 best Need for Speed games

The reason this game is in this list is “cars!” you don’t need to purchase or unlock cars. They just needs to be find and you can use it, there are variety of cars available in the game. Other than that dynamics in this game are best, cops are way more aggressive and the artwork is also phenomenal. You can neglect somethings that could have improved the experince and enjoy the game.

5) Need for Speed Underground:

Top 10 best Need for Speed games

I have great memories with this one, I just used to play it for hours and never got bored. There are plenty of cars available to play and you can also modify them. Steering was good and races were challenging and exciting. Soundtracks are also good you will love this game trust me give it a try. There are also so many other reasons why this game is present in my Top 10 best Need for Speed games.

4) Need for Speed Hot Pursuit:

Top 10 best Need for Speed games

I loved both Hot Pursuit games but this one is better according to me. You can drive exclusive cars ever made and cop chase is also challenging. Steering, speed and controls were perfect with a good touch of soundtracks. Who are not interested in customization this game is for you people. Game offers race and more race. One of the best NFS game ever made, give it a try you won’t regret it.

3) Need for Speed Carbon:

Top 10 best Need for Speed games

My brain still drifts when I talk about this game. The most fun part for me in this game were tracks! Corners were insane you must drift your way to finish line and car selection was great. I loved Muscles, it took some time to get used to it but at the end Muscles were everything I wanted in races. Soundtracks were good and cars had real performance. You just can’t exclude Carbon from Top 10 best Need for Speed games.

2) Need for Speed Underground 2:

top 10 best need for speed games

It was very first-time true free roaming was introduced and it was just amazing. There were no strange physics effects, steering and car control was very good and it had tons of customizations to do with lots of cars and soundtracks. Race events were good, graphics are outdated but still you will love the gameplay. This game was perfect. It stand on 2nd at my Top 10 best Need for Speed games list.

1) Need for Speed Most Wanted:

top 10 best need for speed games

There is no doubt Need for Speed Most Wanted is one of the best racing game ever made. I just can’t list all reasons why I loved this game because everything was epic. Story, gameplay, characters, soundtracks, cars, customizations, tracks, events, free roaming, cops and gameplay all were very polished. I played this game day and night. Completed campaign many times and everytime the excitement was real. I played countless hours multiplayer, beating your friends on long sprint is one of the best thing you can ever do. This game was best Need for Speed game ever made. You must try this out! This is clearly top in my Top 10 best Need for Speed games.

That was all on Top 10 best Need for Speed games.



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