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Top 10 Best Watch Dogs Mods

Watch dogs was released in 2014, it is a open world semi rpg game based on hacking electronic tools and gadgets. It was one of the most hyped games back in time. Story revolves around aiden pearce a top notch hacker trying to get revenge for his dead family. The game features many awesome cars cool mechanics and nice gameplay full of hacking action. The gameplay becomes little repetitive after some time but overall it’s a decent game by ubisoft. I really liked the characters and story curve. There is also a multiplayer mode which lets you hack into other players and around the city. There are number of mods available for the game using them will turn your gameplay experience very fun. I can’t talk about all the mods but here are some most famous mods players mostly use. These are Top 10 best Watch dogs mods you can try.

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Top 10 best Watch dogs mods:

Top 10 best Watch dogs mods

10) Play as NPC mod:

Top 10 best Watch dogs mods

There isn’t much about this mod as the name clarifies this mod will make you able to play with other in-game characters. You can swap Aiden with Clara or jordi and others. You can install this mod by Watch Dogs mod installer.

9) Ultimate car on demand mod:

Top 10 best Watch dogs mods

This mod is from one of the reddit user which helps you use many other cars using car on demand. You can use police cars and other cars from madness game. The mods I’m mentioning in my Top 10 best Watch dogs mods are very simple but trust me they are much fun in action.

8) The worse mod:

Top 10 best Watch dogs mods

When the game was presented in E3 it was graphically phenomenal but with time it got downgraded in visual aspects. I won’t start whole another topic here, but this mod will enhance visuals of the game. Better DOF, lightning and shadows this mod will affect performance also so make sure u have a capable PC.

7) Watch Dogs graphics setting editor mod:

Top 10 best Watch dogs mods

This mod will enable you to customize graphic settings of the game in much more detail, It’s useful in many ways. A low PC use can tweak settings to maintain good fps. Its pretty handy must give it a try.

6) Mixed mods:

Top 10 best Watch dogs mods

If you don’t know what mods to apply, get this one because this is the mixture of many good mods. it will help u in many ways. Improved graphics, skipping intros and all useful stuff packed in a single mod.

5) A real beauty- Sweet FX:

Top 10 best Watch dogs mods

This is another graphic enhancement mod but it’s better than many others that’s why it is listed in my Top 10 best Watch dogs mods. This mod will apply better shader preset having sweetFX enabled. It will actually turn your game into real beauty.

4) Repeatable side missions mod:

Top 10 best Watch dogs mods

This mod is very handy during the gameplay. It will add all of the side missions like Gang Hideout, convoy etc to your Fixers contract app.

3) Droid X UI:

Top 10 best Watch dogs mods

One of the most important thing in the game is Aiden’s smartphone. It looks pretty outdated with aging UI by this mod you can turn The UI into a modern Android smartphone having new icons maps and stuff. Now it’s time for last two mods in my Top 10 best Watch dogs mods.

2) Nude Mod:

(.  ) (.  ) This is the only pic you will get :v

I don’t want to explain a lot what it does because there is no need for explanation. It will turn females nude in the game end of story.

1) Watch Dogs mod installer:

Top 10 best Watch dogs mods

I don’t know if this count as a mod or not but trust me it’s very essential to have this because it will let you install mods in the easiest way possible.


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