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Top 10 Facts About GTA 5

Grand Theft Auto V in one of all time best game, offering the huge world and almost everything a player need to have fun. One of the best selling game made by Rockstar. It also has FPS mode which was absent in its ancestors. Guns, cars, fights, shooting, stealing, drugs, music and lot more. You simply can’t enlist all the things this game is good at. The majority of us already completed the game or may be still playing. Pro players know each and every bit that how this game works but there are some cool and amazing facts a not lot of us know. Today I will enlist top 10 facts about GTA 5 down below.

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top 10 facts about GTA 5

Top 10 facts about GTA 5:

10) Multi-Character Play:

top 10 facts about GTA 5

Rockstar was trying to make GTA San Andreas a multi-character playable game. Due to technical difficulties they were not able to do that but GTA V succeeded to have a gameplay with multiple playable characters.

9) The Bikini Girl:

top 10 facts about GTA 5

The very famous bikini girl from GTA V who appears on the loading screen is not Lindsay Lohan but rather model Shelby Welinder.

8) Michael’s Son:

top 10 facts about GTA 5

Remember Pete ? from Pete and Pete he played the role of Michael’s son in the game!


7) Family Matters:

top 10 facts about GTA 5

The person who played the role of CJ in GTA SA and the person who played as Franklin in GTA V are real life cousins.


6) Gangsters:

top 10 facts about GTA 5

All GTA games are somehow related to Mafia and Gangsters. GTA V is on another level because Rockstar actually hired Gangsters for voice acting. And some of the gangsters delivered their original dialogues in the game that is why this fact is one of the weirdest and astounding fact in my top 10 facts about GTA 5.


5) Perfect Score:

top 10 facts about GTA 5

There is a Japanese magazine called Famitsu all about game ratings and scoring good points according to them is very difficult. GTA V got a perfect score of 40/40 in the magazine. The only other game having a perfect score is Skyrim.


4) Sandy Shores:

top 10 facts about GTA 5

Bombay beach which is a failed town is actually an inspiration for Sandy Shores in the game. Keep on reading for top facts in my list of top 10 facts about GTA 5.


3) No City Limits:

top 10 facts about GTA 5

GTA V is the biggest game ever made by Rockstar. From the very start of the game, you can explore the huge world without any restrictions. No closed bridges, no storm warning, and nothing. Every hilltop have a secret buried in it, happy exploring!


2) Ice Cube:

top 10 facts about GTA 5

Shawn Fonteno who is known as rap name of the solo. He shared a story that how he fought with an ice cube and took his chain.


1) Random Action:

top 10 facts about GTA 5

Read Dead Redemption was a great hit, the amazing cowboy style gameplay was loved by players. The game had many really amazing things and one the best of it was random heat and action. They picked the feature from their old game and implemented in the GTA V. While you are playing GTA V you may encounter heist chase and police vs bad guys fights. You can force your nose into the situation and act accordingly which will result in different outcomes. This is more than an awesome feature that’s why it is on top in my top 10 facts about GTA 5 list.

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